Domestic Violence – The Gender Bias

When you hear the words, “domestic abuse” what do you think about? If you think like the average person, you think of that poor woman getting beat by her husband/ boy friend. I know I was even guilty of buying into that stereotype till I started looking into the actual numbers and the logic behind why the numbers are biased.

ABC did an unusual experiment. They placed actors in the park acting like a couple having a domestic dispute. On a previous show they had the man be the aggressor. He pushed her around yelled and made it look pretty convincing. Almost everyone that saw them came to the aid of the woman. They called the police or actually got physically involved. However, on this show the tables were turned and the woman was the aggressor. In this show very few people got involved. One woman actually cheered the aggressor on in her abuse of the man. I sat stunned “Wow how can it be that we allow abuse from woman but when it’s the man getting abused its ok?” Even a policeman did not stop the abuse nor did he get involved. How is that acceptable?

Example: Man and woman are having argument over the internet being turned off. The argument makes her angered enough for her to start wailing on him. He just looks at her and laughs. He then grabs her wrists to stop her assault and she bites him on the arm hard enough to leave a full ring of teeth marks. Does he call the police and report this domestic abuse? Well no of course not as her blows did not affect him at all. When he shows the bite mark to church leaders and explain what happened do they call and report the abuse? Nope they laugh and think it’s funny that a grown woman resorted to biting like a child.

Now if the roles were reversed everyone would have called the police to have him arrested for domestic abuse. We all think that men are the only ones capable of domestic abuse, however the real issue is when men do the abuse it often causes real injuries. Most women that beat on mean usually do not cause any injuries that require a doctor’s visit unless they use a weapon. Does that reason make it any less abusive?

The top reason that men do not report abuse is that they think there has to be injuries for the abuse to be reported. If there are no injuries, who is going to believe the man was the one abused? It’s not likely that the woman in most cases will not cause any injuries unless there is a weapon involved so it will be a case of his word against her word. Even still it’s a stereo type that men should not report the abuse as it will make them less of a man.


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